I want them all!! | April 12, 2013

So, I basically dropped my iPhone yesterday and put a few chips into my polka dot Kate Spade case! First world problems, I know, but I must admit, I did allow myself a moment to grieve :(

Don't you just love these phone cases from Rifle?! Would it be okay if I just got them all? Who would like to buy them for me? ;-)

Check out the full collection here.

I'm also loving these cases from Julia Kostreva. So pretty...

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  1. These are all SO cute! I really want the last one on the first row.
  2. Big fan of the second row!
  3. I'm getting an iphone next week so I'm so excited to get one of these!! It's going to be so hard to choose which one!! =)
  4. Well there goes my paycheck. ha those covers by Julie Kostreva are amazing!!
  5. I'm not sure I could choose a favourite. I'm a big fan of your style and your favourite things!
  6. Wow, who doesn't want them all? I only I had the right phone for those beautiful cases..
  7. Oh my! These are cute! I love the upper right!
  8. This is amazing ! So delicate and light. Love it!
  9. Kayleigh | Apr 14, 2013
    The pink ombre case is adorable!

  10. I know exactly what you mean! I received my new case from Society6 a couple of weeks ago and I'm about to order the floral case from Rifle. Their designs are just too beautiful to pass up.

    The Julia Kostreva cases are also beautiful, why must they make it so hard for us!
  11. kinga | Apr 18, 2013
    They are beautiful ! How can I buy tchem from you ?
  12. kinga | Apr 18, 2013
    them * ;)
  13. Loving the second row covers by Julia Kostreva. Fab!
  14. Margie Jane | Apr 23, 2013
    Just as an FYI: Be sure to check the comments on Julia Kostreva's etsy page. I ordered a case on April 12th and it has not been shipped yet, nor has she responded to my inquiries. It was only after I paid that I noticed others have had similar experiences. Although they are lovely cases, be prepared for horrible customer service.
  15. Really love all these... I wish they'd make equally cool iPhone covers for guys!
  16. I thought my obsession with iPhone cases was over... clearly I was in denial. Wait here while I buy all of these adorable cases!
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