In the works | January 21, 2013

Things are finally starting to come together in our home, which I've been slowly and (sometimes) painfully working on for almost 2 years now. I love surrounding myself with lots of colour, texture, graphic and typographical items and my various collections of treasured objects- things that will constantly stimulate and inspire me.

The above photo is of my current workspace which is actually our dining room! It has become a weird hybrid of both work clutter and entertaining bits n' pieces. However, I have tidied the table specifically for these photos! Usually it is covered in a mass of paper bits, craft tools, props, breakfast leftovers and other random remnants of my project work. I'm currently hunting for some yellow industrial pendant lights to hang above the table. 

The 'Sugar' artwork is something I created in an effort to emulate this gorgeous piece from Dough Pizza in Perth. I ended up using coffee staining to create the textured background. I've used Gelato Script font for the lettering. Because the word was so big I had to print out the lettering over multiple A4 sheets, cut them out and stick them together in order to create a template. I then traced around the template onto the canvas and used hot pink acrylic paint to colour it in. It took some time but was a fun project to do.

We are currently preparing for our annual Australia Day BBQ and, in typical Amy fashion, I am going all out with the details. I'm thrilled to finally get to use my drink dispenser for my homemade lemonade with orange blossom water.

We bought this beautiful outdoor table almost a year ago and have never used it! I'm also looking forward to finally breaking it in this Saturday. Should be a lot of fun dressing it up!

{ photos by Amy Moss }

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  1. i am looking for a table just like that! i love it
  2. Your workspace looks amazing! It must be great to sit there and enjoy your surroundings.
  3. Very beautiful!
    I like your outdoor table so much.

    See you soon!
  4. Sarah Williams | Jan 22, 2013
    Your workspace looks fantastic! Would love to see the rest of your home, as the colours you use match each other perfectly :)
  5. I love how pretty it is! and since it is a multi-purpose area, I'm sure that lets you be a little more creative in the way you work?

    have a great BBQ!
  6. Where did you get that adorable drink dispenser?
  7. that cushion peeking out from behind the table is a beauty.
  8. Hi all- thanks for the sweet comments!

    Anna- I got the mason jar drink dispenser on a recent trip to the states from Pottery Barn:
  9. LOVING this space! So beautiful! :)
  10. This is such a beautiful space Amy! I really like the green side table, it has so much character.
  11. I love the green cupboard! It's such a beautiful piece! I think the whole setup looks absolutely gorgeous!

    I just moved into a new home recently, so I can totally relate to the fun of decorating! Here's to a home full of love and living! :)
  12. That table is just stunning! xx
  13. Very interesting! Keep writing your articles.
  14. Looks great Amy! Thanks for sharing how you made the "Sugar" artwork, I might have to try something like this myself.
  15. Hi I just want to say that I found your blog on pinterest and I fell in love with one of your DIY and I posted on my blog your DIY photo with your blog link !!

    Keep it up this amazing work !

    xoxo from Japan
  16. Beautiful workspace ... !
  17. i love your workspace! it's so colorful and fresh!
  18. Oh my goodness Amy, it looks absolutely gorgeius. I love the kind of rustic meets cute meets colourful. UGH, it looks so so so great.
    Nice job!
    Isabella xo
  19. Priscila | Jan 28, 2013
    Hey, I love that pillow of the little boy at sea I am redecorating my room and I come for inspiration....could you tell me were you got it?!

    -Priscilla Nicole
  20. love the photo of your garden! i would def be hanging out there all day in summer if i had a table like that :)
  21. Jane | Jan 29, 2013
    Hi amy! loving your new workspace! Would you mind sharing the "Sugar" printable template to us? If not, would you kindly inform me what kind of font did you use? Its too cute :) Thanks a bunch xx
  22. Jane | Jan 29, 2013
    Oh so sorry I didn't read the part where you mentioned the font. Lol sorry and thanks xx
  23. Hi Amy, what a cute room, you've worked wonders! I especially LOVE the green cupboard unit, awesome. Where dod you come across that? It's a magic find for sure!
  24. Such lovely (and unique!) style -- I love all the small details you added, as well. Great choice of colors, too.

    By the way -- the table! WOW. Those legs are beefy, I love it. :D
  25. Lucy webster | Jan 31, 2013
    Hi from London - love your blog. I'm mad on these rubber pendant lights so thought I'd attach the link for you. The yellow one is towards the bottom of the page - hope you like it!
  26. your workshop is incredibly lovely!
  27. I LOVE that sugar sign! In fact, I pretty much love everything that you post on here!!! Thanks so much for the printables...I used the wedding hankies to print menus for my daughter's b-day party. Super cute! Can't wait to see what you have in store for valentine's day!!!!!
  28. Kayla | Feb 3, 2013
    I love your "sugar" piece. Do you think that is something you could do a tutorial on or make more and sell?
  29. Hi! Looks great! I just love that printed cushion on your chair :)
  30. Hi all- sorry for the late response on some of your q's.

    Priscilla- The pillow is by Poppy Red Designs. You can find it here

    Lucy- thanks for sending through the info on the yellow pendants- they look awesome!

    Kayla- Thanks! However, I have no plans to make and sell the artwork- though I'm flattered that you asked! :) A tutorial for this may be a bit tough because it did involve some work in adobe illustrator to create the template... sorry!
  31. Marian- Sorry i missed your question- the green sideboard is antique Mongolian. We got it from The Orient Express. They have some beautiful pieces!
  32. Vivian | Feb 9, 2013
    Please tell me where you got that fabulous table?!!!
  33. Wow! you have a lovely room .. and I simply love that fabulous table .. can you tell me where can I buy it?
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  35. Great work I love to see Thanks Admin
  36. Your room looks just amazing!
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