Mixed Bag... | April 08, 2013

Star print scarf from Country Road

Photo of Brigitte Bardot

Spun pendant light by Evie

Claude Walnut Gossip Bench Set from Jonathan Adler

tooth&nail leather pouches by designer Georgie Cummings

Pack a Picnic Champagne Box from Kate Spade

Globe-Trotter Centenary suitcase from J.Crew

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  1. I love the star scarf! I have a gray one but the pink is so much more seasonal and fun! excellent picks!

  2. them little leather puches are so cute. would love to have one of those
  3. Such adorable things! I love the bench set & the kate spade champagne box! =)
  4. Oh my goodness, is there anyone on earth who is as beautiful as Brigette Bardot??? I love your collection.
  5. Love the Jonathan Adler bench. I remember seeing it a year or two ago and falling in love with the style and colour.

    you have a beautiful blog:-))
  6. Really nice scarf !
  7. Soleil | May 3, 2013
    Have you ever looked at Steamline luggage? It looks like the one from JCrew but a lot cheaper. I love mine...
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